Achieving HR Excellence Seminar scheduled for April 10-11, 2014

Your organization has processes and widgets. Every process will, from time to time, introduce activities that the customer did not ask for. These non-value added activities are right under your nose; you have just never looked for them. This two-day seminar on how to  transform your HR operations into a Center of Excellence will show you how to speak the language of business, earn a seat at the  decision table, and align the organization with your customers and business initiatives. Be the organizational hero by saving time and money!!!


“ The seminar presents an introduction to the Six Sigma process along with some elements of lean and other process improvement approaches.”

– Dr. Joshua Schwarz, Professor of Management, Miami University of Ohio

“Thanks again for a great Six Sigma class last week. You have inspired me to think about additional training and professional practice of these concepts — I see great value to applying them to HR and other administrative processes and projects. And, I’ve already put the DMAIC to use on one of  our internal  HR processes. I call that an excellent return on my raining dollars.”

– VP Human Resources , Major trade Association

You Will Learn how to:

  • Enhance HR through additional upper management support
  • Influence the strategic thinking of the management team
  • Rapidly become a key member of the executive team
  • Become a critical voice in executive level discussions of strategic business initiatives
  • Participate in cross-functional teams
  • increase your career advancement capabilities

 Register at

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