Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma course returns to Columbus, OH

Once upon a time there was a human resource professional who believed that there was a better way to perform the HR duties than the organization did at the present time. Every day the HR pro talked to management about a more involved role within the organization. The topic of conversation centered on how marginalized the HR role was becoming within the organization. One day this HR professional decided they would try and make the changes on their own only to be dismissed by their fellow employees. Because of that the HR professional determined that they must learn to think differently about the HR role. Because of that the professional determined that they needed to begin to speak the language of business within the organization. Until finally, the HR professional learned about a two-day seminar entitled “Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma” which would teach the HR professional how to speak the desired language of business. This seminar is coming to Columbus, OH through the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio – April 24-25, 2013. For more information visit:

Attendees earn 12 Strategic HRCI credits plus certification as Six Sigma Yellow Belts.

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